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Patients choose Restore RX because they want the comfort and security from knowing that they are not just another refill number.

With Restore RX, a real person answers the phone. You do not have to worry if you called the right person at the right location, or what part of the country your therapy is being shipped from. You get personalized service from people you know, not endless requests to push the correct button and never talking to the same person. Our staff is available around the clock. Whatever the issue, you can reach a knowledgeable member of our team. We are dedicated to your health and peace of mind. Just give us a call and let our experts do the work.

Insurance: Restore RX is a provider for most insurance plans. We realize you don't have days to get answers about your coverage. Our team of reimbursement specialists gets you the answers you need quickly so you can make the best decision with regards to your situation.

Assistance: In the event of your therapy not being covered or if there is a high out-of-pocket expense due to a deductible or copay, we work with insurance, manufacturers, and foundations to find every available resource for assistance.

Clinical: Our pharmacy staff is here to manage your therapy. That involves getting to know you and your caregivers to assure that the treatment is compatible with your condition, other medications, and lifestyle.

Our pledge: Your therapy to you quickly. Your questions answered accurately. Your needs addressed personally. Your expectations exceeded.


Here are some of the conditions that we treat. If you drag your cursor over the condition, you can get more information.